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A Statement from R. M. Kemp, the owner of Perfect Choice:

20th June 2020

Dear All,

Covid-19 has dealt us all a cruel blow over the last 13 weeks since the lockdown was announced. I think we can all agree that 2020 so far has been an exceptional year, and not for good reasons.

For my business, we faced a ‘perfect storm’ where, having committed fully to the expenses of the new bedding plant season, I found all of my normal customers (the garden centres) closed with little prospect at the time of reopening. I had acres of glass full of plants ready for sale, new plugs arriving on a weekly basis, and faced the prospect of having to dump them all.

So, for the first time in our 75 years as a family business, we turned to the internet and, within 72 hours of lockdown being announced, we were delivering Perfect Choice plants to your doors! You responded in your thousands to provide us with, literally, business-saving income. This helped to pay our suppliers and the salaries of our dedicated hardworking workforce, the majority of whom came in to continue plant production and turn their hands to dealing with the internet business. I think we can all agree that they did a fantastic job of adapting so quickly. I am lucky to have such a loyal team around me.

We intend to close the internet business down and our last day of deliveries will be Friday 26th June. The last day to place orders will be Wednesday 24th June. As our internet business draws to a close, we shall now return to continue what we do best and look after our wholesale customers who have also battled through this crisis. Rest assured that our plants will continue to be available through these outlets.

To all our internet customers, I cannot thank you enough for your orders. You have enabled our business to continue and remain viable for my family in the future.

Thank you again,
Royden M. Kemp

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